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Other Features


The warehouse will aggregate raw goods from around the state and region to be used by businesses in the Good Food Hub and sold in the Marketplace. It will also facilitate distribution opportunities between producers and local businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants. The Good Food Hub will turn these goods into value-added items through the Culinary Training Program for use in the weekend food bags. The Hub will also provide dry, cooler, and freezer storage lockers for producers to rent and store their products.


This space will provide over 2,000 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor space where year-round farmers markets, private events, community classes and workshops, and other events will be held. Located on the south side of the building, the indoor space will receive an abundance of natural light and attract drivers passing by on First Street.


The Public Market will provide gallery space for local artists and civic storytelling. Spaces within the hall may feature curated local art or historical exhibits. There will be opportunities for rotating art installations and performances.


The Kids Area will be a small, gated, kid-friendly area where young children can play while parents interact with each other. WFFTP is dedicated to raising a generation of resilient and connected children.


This area of the Good Food Hub will be designed to house a variety of small working spaces fit for food and non-food vendors alike. It will include a prep area as well as a space to bottle, label, can, or pack finished products. The Hub will also offer mentorship to producers in areas such as logo and label designs, packaging options, cost-benefit analysis, and more.

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