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Market Space


The Marketplace will be a small grocery and gifts storefront full of Wyoming-made products and stocked with critical items like toilet paper and diapers.

Producers that aren't at a capacity yet to have their own storefront in the Public Market can sell their products here until they reach a larger capacity in their businesses.

The Marketplace will give downtown Casper and north Casper neighborhoods access to an affordable grocery store. WFFTP will accept SNAP benefits at the Marketplace and will work to create affordable and accessible food with a priority of local food as the primary food sold, including fresh produce grown directly from the Hub's greenhouse.


Permanent Vending Stalls

The Public Market will provide small business owners with an opportunity to rent an affordable, downtown storefront. The vending stalls are designed for permanent and prepared food sellers with full utility access. The stalls will be rented by producers and designed for flexibility. Overall, this area will consist of approximately 6,000 square feet of leasable space for vendors of various sizes. The stalls will generally be 10x10', 10x20', and 20'x20'.

Entrepreneurial Support

Having their own storefront will enable new entrepreneurs to navigate various aspects of running a business – such as staffing and employment, paperwork and taxes, and more – on a low-risk, low-fail scale. The Public Market will be a stepping stone for producers to gain financial stability and become comfortable with running a business.


vendor with a unique, value-added product rents space in the Public Market for an affordable price

an increasing customer base grows into a regional and possibly national following

vendor scales up to the point of needing a manufacturing facility, then builds or leases space within Casper

vendor develops a

reliable customer base

product receives larger orders and shelf space in other grocery stores

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